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Plain sailing: Transportation

Your holiday is a time for you to completely relax and unwind, losing yourself in the wonders of nature or the hustle and bustle of a city. But as everyone knows, getting yourself to your choice choice destination can be more than a little stressful if you’ve left things too late or you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Never fear – Seafarer is here with a handful of choice tips that may prove useful when it comes to getting yourself to your cruise vessel on time. Much of it is common sense, but in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget what’s important. So take a look at the below and see if getting to your next cruise holiday is a little less stressful.

Booking flights

If you’ve purchased a cruise package with us that includes flights or a ferry transit to your destination, there’s no need for you to worry about this section. However, if not, you need to sort out your arrival in the country. Plan to arrive by noon at the latest on embarkation day, since you will need to factor in any possible delays to your journey. The day before is better. You can apply the same advice – although in reverse – for when you go home. Book your flights for no earlier than noon on the final day of your holiday since your cruise vessel may be delayed at customs for an unforeseen reason.

Have you got everything?

Tickets, money, passport – this old saying still applies even today, even if your ticket may take the form of a paper print-out and cards may have taken the place of paper money. These are the things required to make sure your journey goes entirely smoothly. It might even be worth saving any important e-documents to a smartphone or tablet, just in case you lose them. As always, it’s your responsibility to ascertain whether a passport or visa is required for travel. Watch out in particular for where the rules might have changed recently, such as Turkey where the new e-visas have just been introduced. It’s very important to check in advance, since both can take time to get hold of. Try to check between four to six months before your departure if at all possible. Hint: It’s always safest to bring your passport, even if you’re absolutely sure you don’t need it. When it comes to checking visa rules, the UK government website offers excellent up-to-date advice on
whether anything is required.

Lastly, if travelling anywhere exotic, it’s worth asking your GP if you require any innoculations. You can also get a general health update for the destination you will holiday in.

Flight delays

If, during the flight, you encounter a dreaded delay, call Seafarer as soon as possible and let us know what’s going on. You will be provided with a telephone number for use in this eventuality – make sure you have it to hand. Depending upon whether other passengers have also been delayed, the ship’s departure might also be held off. Otherwise, you may need to arrange transportation to the next port in order to rejoin the cruise. This is why travel insurance is also a must as you’ll be covered for any unexpected occurrences.


Doing all of this as early as possible gives you an edge over the anxiety and allows you to start enjoying your holiday that little bit earlier. After all, getting on a plane and then jetting off for a cruise in the destination of your choice is a joyous and exciting occurrence. If you sort everything out in advance – and double-check against the travel documentation sent out by Seafarer ten days in advance – the fun can start the moment you leave the house and set off to the airport.