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The Greek Islands remain a captivating cruising destination, full of wonder and history while being easily accessible from the UK. We offer the yacht cruising experience in both the iconic destinations seen in travel posters and some hidden gems only accessible by the small ships we operate. Check out our Greek Cruise options below for the best Greece has to offer, each offering a different experience in this fascinating country.

Our Greek Island Cruises have something for everyone

Beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters

Small but wonderful islands with a relaxing atmosphere

Cosmopolitan islands with great nightlife

Famous Greek cuisine

Historic sites like Santorini, Knossos, Delos, Athens, Rhodes

Discover the Beauty of Greece with Seafarer Cruises

Greece is a land of stunning natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture, and Seafarer Cruises is your ticket to exploring this magnificent destination in style. With our carefully curated itineraries, expert staff, and luxurious ships, you’ll experience the best that Greece has to offer, from its charming islands to its ancient ruins and beyond.

Experience the Best of Greek Culture

From the bustling streets of Athens to the quaint villages of the Greek Islands, Greece is a country brimming with culture. Sample delicious Greek cuisine, admire traditional architecture, and meet the friendly locals as you explore the country and discover the heart of its culture.

Explore the Greek Islands

Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the breathtaking beauty of the Greek Islands. With crystal clear waters, lush landscapes, and charming villages, the Greek Islands are a true paradise. Whether you’re seeking sun-drenched beaches, historic sites, or bustling towns, the Greek Islands have something for everyone.

Discover Ancient Greece

Greece is home to some of the world’s most magnificent ancient ruins, from the towering Acropolis of Athens to the stunning temples of Delphi and beyond. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of ancient Greece as you explore these iconic sites and learn about the civilizations that once thrived here.

Book Your Greek Adventure with Seafarer Cruises

At Seafarer Cruises, we’re committed to providing you with the ultimate Greek cruising experience. With our knowledgeable staff, luxurious ships, and carefully crafted itineraries, you’ll experience the best that Greece has to offer in comfort and style. Book your Greek adventure today and get ready to discover the beauty of Greece!

Best Greek Island Cruises

How big is a small cruise ship?

Cruising the Greek Islands, Greek Island CruisesHere at Seafarer we specialise in small ship cruises. Our smallest ship carries just 34 passengers – and the largest only 140. Most carry on average around 40 passengers and get into places large ships cannot. They combine the comfort and service you would expect of cruise ship, with the ambience and friendliness of a private yacht, hence we prefere to call them Mega Yachts. We take you to some of the world’s most idylic destinations, whith sustainability as a core value.

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Your cruise as per specified duration

Hotel accommodation pre or post cruise as specified

Port Charges

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Cruising the Greek Islands, Greek Island Cruises Your flight inclusive holiday with us is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed and the full package is ATOL protected.
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Cruising the Greek Islands, Greek Island Cruises